Mistakes You Make As A New Employee

It’s really exciting to begin a new job. A new job certainly provides an opportunity for you to beautify your new identity and brand. Starting a new job usually comes with a lot of nerves and even pressure, be it your first job ever or a new position. As a starter, there are a lot that would be running through your mind; Will I be able to adapt to the job ethics in time? Will I actually progress at my new role?

As a new employee, you are bound to mistakes therefore do not assume yourself as a failure. When you notice your mistakes, allow yourself to move on quickly. Take your mistakes as a learning process. Below are the common mistakes that you are likely to make;

1.)  FEAR TO ASK FOR HELP: There  will surely be things you would be able to handle yourself but when you get to the point where you will need help ask for one without fear. Proving your worth for the job as a new employee usually comes with pressure, this makes most new employees to feel asking for help makes them incomplete. In term, when you ask for help, it would dawn on your coworkers or even your teammates that you are very much capable of working with others.

2.) ALWAYS SAYING “I KNOW”: You convinced your employer that you are intelligent enough to handle the job but that doesn’t mean you should decline your colleague’s offer for an advice or even help. There are situations where you’d get a particular advice more than once from different colleagues, you should simply say “thank you” when this situation comes. Even if you are sick and tired of hearing it, simply appreciating their offer would do you good.

3.) Self – Isolation: Socialization comes to play here. Being new is certainly tough but trying to combat the urge to keep to yourself is definitely a NO. Be free to relate with your colleagues by showing friendly attitudes. This act of friendliness grants you the opportunity of getting to know your colleagues.

4.) IGNORING COMPANY CULTURES: Every corporate body have their culture. These cultures can also be called rules and regulations guiding every staff of the company. The calendar or timetable for the day to day activities, the dress code, the time of arrival and departure of employees. Some of these rules may seem negligible, but if you try to ignore them, you will definitely stand out in a negative way. Every company is properly structured so every rule was given for a reason.  If you have suggestions for any improvement, make sure to listen to how and why things are being done the way they are.

5.) LATENESS: As it is known, lateness is a bad virtue. Lateness to an ordinary appointment or meeting with your friend or someone of an informal relation is surely not going to be celebrated, how much more to work? Lateness as a new employee to work does not present you to be professional. Punctuality is what you should hold in high esteem, this is because professionals are always punctual. It should be a priority, moreover it helps you stand out positively as a reliable and trustworthy person. Punctuality reveals that you respect your position and the company at large.

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