Seasonal jobs are beneficial since they allow you to make extra cash while remaining flexible. However, we all know that not all seasonal jobs are created equal; in fact, certain jobs should be avoided entirely since they are of poor quality.

When judging how excellent or awful a seasonal job is, a few things are taken into account. Pay, working conditions, and terms are some of the issues. The finest jobs are ones that provide favorable working conditions and pay well. In addition, the workplace environment must be appropriate and inviting. Having said that, here’s a look at some of the greatest and worst seasonal jobs available.

The Best Seasonal Jobs

Santa Claus

One of the most lucrative seasonal jobs is dressing up as Santa Claus. Aside from being the season’s highlight, a Santa can earn up to $100 per hour. This position is constantly in high demand because there is no Christmas without Santa. So, begin planning a spectacular Santa.

Food server

Meals servers will be busy over the Christmas season due to the strong demand for restaurant food. In reality, the food business employs over half of all part-time workers. You will be adequately fed in addition to receiving a decent wage! Consider various jobs, such as candy making, which is a popular choice among many people.

Package delivery worker

This is another excellent seasonal job that you can easily obtain. Indeed, according to FedEx and UPS statistics, there are over 20,000 seasonal positions available. In other words, by delivering packages as requested, you can earn a decent wage. The holiday season brings a surge in such deliveries, and to assure promptness, these organizations will always engage seasonal workers to do the tasks.

Sales clerk

One of the most satisfying jobs is working as a sales clerk in a retail store. Not only will you obtain great deals on your personal purchases, but you will also most likely land a full-time job. Over half a million retail sales clerk jobs are available every holiday season. In this light, the prospects in this area seem promising.

The Worst Seasonal Jobs

Santa’s Elf

You will only get paid minimum wage as an elf. As a result, high school students will be competing for these positions. When compared to Santa’s abilities, it’s a far less glamorous job. Overall, you will not get the most out of your time, and it rates poorly in terms of seasonal occupations.

Taxi driver

This is one of the most difficult positions because it is notorious for having a high crime rate. It also does not pay more than $10 per hour. It’s also a tough career that comes with a lot of client pressure. As a result, unless you absolutely adore driving, it is not the ideal alternative. It’s usually a good idea to look for better-rated seasonal jobs.

Christmas tree lot attendant

There are two key reasons why this is one of the worst jobs you will ever do. First, when attending to the tree buyers, you are exposed to factors like wind, snow, and rain. Another reason is that the hourly wage is not more than $12. One positive aspect is that there are enough suggestions to go around.

There is a slew of additional vocations that have top and worst rankings. It is totally fair to make your own conclusion on which job is the best or worse if you have mastered a given field and are comfortable with the downsides.

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