Outwitting the Job Market in the Long Run – Part 2

If the opportunity occurs, your manager is the one who will recommend you for a promotion. Staying on good terms with her is essential for this and many other reasons.


If the possibility for advancement occurs, your boss will be the one to recommend you for it. Maintaining excellent relations with her is essential for this and many other reasons. Give the relationship your time and attention. Consider yourself in the shoes of your boss. What is her motivation? What is her method of working? What can you do to make her job easier, more importantly?

If youre working on a big project, for example, dont be afraid to put in extra hours. Carry out the clerical jobs that you know your employer despises. Come in early and remain late to ensure that you are always available if your boss requires your assistance. You will increase your value if you can decrease her workload in a beneficial rather than intrusive way.

In fact, if you can make yourself useful to your employer, she will advance you along with her.But what can you do if your relationship with your boss isnt working out despite your best efforts? One account manager recounts his tumultuous relationship with his previous boss. My boss and I were actively competing for his supervisors attention, he recalls. My bosss boss had taken a shine to me and had even delegated to me some of the more critical responsibilities that would normally have fallen to my boss.

Even if I didnt want it, there was some rivalry there. I discussed ways to improve our working connection with my employer. I proposed that we meet for lunch once a week, just the two of us, to try to restore our working relationship.

But he was adamantly opposed to all of my ideas—perhaps he felt threatened—and I recognized Id have to move on. Not every relationship can be saved, as this case shows. If youve been passed over for promotions on a regular basis, if youve stayed in the same position for a few years despite the possibility of advancement, and if your relationship with your employer is regularly stressful or uncomfortable, its time to broaden your horizons.

A lateral move is an option if you like your current employer. Your prospects of promotion will be substantially higher if you choose a job at the same level but with a manager who likes you on a personal level. You can, of course, look for work outside the company.


Youve probably met people whose work ethic or management style you respect and like in your company or in your sector in general. What led them to where they are now? What were their choices? And how do they maintain their competitive edge? Speak with people with abilities, skills, or desire you can learn from, no matter what level youre at in your firm.

This can be done informally. In the company cafeteria, sit with them. Following a company-wide meeting, introduce yourself. Send them e-mails to see if you may visit their offices. You can also request quick informational seminars in a more official manner. In either case, you may foster your own professional development by listening to and learning from others.

On the other hand, you could be the person that people are looking for. Reach out to everybody you can at your company who you can promote and assist. You will enjoy greater personal and professional benefits as you form more friendships.


What else can you do to make the most of your position outside from your job description? Complete the things that have been assigned to you, then push yourself to do more. An administrative assistant at a charity organization was anxious to show off his technological abilities, which he didnt get to utilize on the job very often. He agreed to lead a task group to fix the old computers and donate them to a local public high school when the charitable organization sought to replace its obsolete PCs.

My initiative and feeling of giving were admired by others. I volunteered after work because I was passionate about the cause. However, one advantage was that my coworkers and supervisors realized that I was quite knowledgeable about technology.

There are numerous methods to make an impression at work. Volunteer for a modest task, such as taking minutes at a company meeting. Better yet, take on a greater issue. Organize a team to find a solution to a long-standing organizational issue, or volunteer to take on an unpopular but high-profile task. Go the extra mile on a regular basis, as long as it does not interfere with your regular task. Those around you will notice your leadership abilities.

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