Gone are those days when the norm was to settle for a career until retirement. Sometimes knowing that direction to go in life can be the hardest. Making a mistake in your career is one big mistake no one should ever make so let’s see what to avoid in choosing a career.

1)NEVER CHANGE A CAREER WITH SELF EVALUATION: it will be tragic to change a career without proper assessment of your skill regarding the new part. You have to consider your strength and weakness in terms of professionalism. Do you have all it takes? Do you have a weakness that can be changed with time? What are the skills you need to change your career? What is your expectations from this new career? Why do you want to change this career ? What satisfaction do you intend to get that your current career can’t provide?
Your sincerity in answering this question will help you clarify whether or not you are doing the right thing.

2)NEVER CHANGE A CAREER BECAUSE OF MONEY: It’s a popular saying that “money doesn’t guarantee happiness “ (winks) if a higher salary is the reason for your change, how much will you reasonably earn? I mean not just the salary on paper, but the real cost? How many extra hours will you need to sacrifice to earn this higher salary? So if higher pay is what makes u want to change your career, make sure you compute actual take home pay, not a theoretical pay raise. You might probably end up with a fatter salary, but fatigue and drained because you didn’t find fulfillment in what you are doing. Following money doesn’t bring long lasting satisfaction, if money is your goal then you can consider working smart by utilizing your other potentials and talent. It’s not bad to want to earn a good living,but changing career is definitely not the only way possible.Consider good investment facilities andv other financial institutions that can help you make money. What do you want the money for? If money is still the basis ,then you need to think more on good ventures like savings ,but if you still find no fulfillment, well you know what to do.

3)NEVER CHANGE A CAREER WITHOUT IN-DEPTH RESEARCH : “ All that glitters is not gold” Even after reflecting on your skills and career needs, you need to do a background check on your intending career. Your view of the career might not be its reality, you have to dig deep and make necessary investigation on all you need to know. This will help you in getting a plain picture of what you are walking into and what you need to succeed. This goes beyond learning the sugarcoated aspect of the job, find out about the negative side of the career, being realistic of what is before you. I’m sure you need to know the temperature of the water ,before diving in for a swim . Hence, you can’t afford to end up in a career that won’t eventually fit your skills and personality.

4)NEVER CHANGE YOUR CAREER BECAUSE OF UNHAPPINESS: Many reasons are attached to changing a career and one out of many is Unhappiness. The crux of the matter is that changing your career doesn’t guarantee happiness either. Just because you are not happy in your current career doesn’t mean you should move on to a new one. Don’t be deceived in thinking changing your career is the solution. Even though you might not be happy with your current career, ever thought if your working environment is just not favorable for you again? You might end up being happy just by changing your settings, there are several avenues to becoming happy. So, if you find out you are not beatific at work, scrutinize the reason. Do not change your career until you have thoroughly checked out other means of making your work thrilling and intriguing.

5)NEVER CHANGE YOUR CAREER BECAUSE OF PUBLIC OPINIONS: The impulse to change your career must come from you. You must be propelled by passion to progress in this new exploit not because of anyone but your heart and mind. It won’t be wise doing something base on people recommendation or intuition. Getting compliments from people about your talent,skill and others is not substantial enough for you to change your career. The issues about banking on public opinion is that when the going gets tough it all boils down to you. No one succeed without passion and perseverance that’s borne out of sincerity for loving what you are doing even if financial nothing much is coming. It’s not unpleasant to take cognizance of societal happenings and to listen to people but they should never be a wing to fly with.

6)NEVER CHANGE YOUR CAREER WITHOUT TESTING WATER: This goes beyond finding out from professionals about your intending career, this entails reading books, watching video and if possible a part time course. You could consider volunteering if it’s an option in your field of choice. This is a better way of testing water and playing safe from wrong assumption. Hereby helping you to avoid wasting time and money in a career you might not use if it doesn’t go with your career. At the long run you can be sure you will know if your skill is aligning with your new career or not..

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