Your new job has come. You have been given the offer and when to start. The first and foremost thing to have in mind is to make a good impression. When you just landed your new job, you just have to step up your game. A really good and even strong relationship with your boss goes a long way in transforming your work experience. Putting into consideration can foster the strengthening of the relationship between you and  your boss. Some bosses seem tough and impossible to flow with. They’ve taken the decision of being strict to their employees. Some even go extra miles of really smiling with or engaging in light conversations with their employees. If your new Voss falls in this category, then you as well have to go extra miles to soften him or her up. There are big things you can do, such as going above or even beyond when it comes to carrying out and completing projects. Before you can impress your boss, you have to work on yourself first to impress yourself too.

Now, what are the few but important things you can do to prove what an impressive, capable and able employee you are? Check them out below.

1) Loyalty: There’s a lot of gains respect when things are done in the interest of your team, boss and even the company at large. A new boss shows there will be a change in operations. Loyalty also involves respecting his or her methods. Try to go out of the normal way the company runs it and try the new way of your new boss. Try it his or her way from the beginning to the end of a project.

2) Try To Exceed Expectations: There are chances your boss has a room filled with work for you, to be done. Pay really close attention to them and take note. You sure wouldn’t be expected to perform magic and get the job done in the twinkle of an eye. But here is your chance and opportunity to put in a lot more effort than required, and even with a quicker pace. Nobody would ignore hard work . Exceeding your boss’s expectation would draw attention to you.

3) Ask For Feedbacks: Receiving feedbacks from your boss shouldn’t put you in a defensive position. Bosses are likely to help you grow in either skill or character or both. The intention here is to help you, not hurt you. After you have a job done, your boss would have to take a look at it, to inspect it. Which ever area he or she isn’t satisfied with, willingly accept it and give a redo attention to it. It’s a good sign that you take your role really serious. Even without getting the feedback directly from your boss, make sure to ask for feedbacks, to checkmate your flaws. Requesting from your boss to identify the areas you need to enforce improvement, makes him or her to have a positive impression about you.

4) Trustworthiness: Trust is something  everyone holds dear. Try standing out from your coworkers and even teammates. Be the person your boss trusts and knows to leave a responsibility with. Someone your boss wouldn’t be scared to leave a high expectation task with. The person in your team which your boss trusts he can go to, and the job will be done. Above expectations.

5) Collaboration: Even as a boss, he or she cannot give solutions to every problem that comes by. At least, not alone. Do not always count on your boss to always give the solutions. Always inquire why things are being done the way they are done. This is where team spirit and capability comes to play. If you could work with your teammates on a project successfully, then you will surely be able to work with your boss. Doing things together with your boss by rendering a helping hand willingly, the work load on him or her will be reduced.

Professional development is achieved by searching for answers together, challenging each other’s thinking capability and coming to conclusion with what has never been.
These few but very important steps to impress your boss should be noted and put into play. We wish you a successful collaboration with your boss.  If there’s any part you’d like us to elaborate on, please be supportive enough to mention it in the comment section.

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