Requesting for a promotion has always been a tough task for employees. Employees feel they would get turned down by their employer, especially when they haven’t been doing the necessary things that foster promotions. A promotion is a milestone in everyone’s career. It represents progress, reward and recognition. At the same time, it can also be stressful, especially in our today’s uncertain economy. Employees have the habit of doing things the wrong way without even realizing they are. One of these things, is asking for promotion.
While you’re planning and preparing to have the promotion discussion at your work place with your boss, make sure to avoid the below mentioned mistakes, and as well remember to keep them totally out of the entire discussion.

1)Requesting Too Much At Once: A lot of employees ask for varieties of things, such as a promotion, increase in salary, new and even more privilege, etc at once. This seems like you’re trying to cast all your burden on your boss. It will likely frustrate him or her.

2)Forsaking Long-Term Goals: Employees get all drowned in the promotion ocean. They do that to the extent of forgetting and sometimes, going extra miles of forgetting their career path and goals already written down. Long-term goals are supposed  to be your guide. This act of desperation wouldn’t add to what you ultimately want to do in the specified time you give yourself

3)Bad Relationship With Boss: Having a really good relationship with your clients and coworkers is great. But where it doesn’t help, is having the opposite relationship with your boss. That’s a problem. No matter who is behind the reason of the bad relationship, the outcome is still the same. Your boss is supposed to support and vouch  for you. Your boss is the considered  person to grant you the promotion. His decision, whether good or not, goes a long way in determining your promotion result.

4) It’s Not Only About The Money: Getting a  good raise, better  position and even more responsibilities, is very much acceptable. Your convincing points should always be based on  your goals and even  accomplishments,  and also what avenue would be more appropriate for your performance in the company. Having even a fair idea about the average salary range based on the number of responsibilities the promotion would bring for them.

5) Seize Complaining: In our everyday life, complaining is a negative attribute. Complaining a lot, does not present anybody to be bold. There’s no sign of confidence, no sign of a leader in someone who complains a lot. Not even in anyway. Your boss, even your coworkers will begin to think and even see you as an unproductive person. It’s hard to be a good producer and also find time to complain. They don’t go together. Nobody wants to promote someone not bold enough to even take responsibilities.

6) Untrustworthiness: Your boss doesn’t trust you, yet you want to be promoted?. Nah, it doesn’t work that way. Talking about trust here doesn’t mean you said something and did the opposite. In the business of running a company, you need to be trustworthy enough for some responsibilities to be handed to you. Even if for a short period. Your boss wants to work with someone he or she can trust enough to handle some tasks. When you’re seen as a complainer, your coworkers and even your boss will not regard your opinions in a meeting, the exact same way they would handle someone who practically considers all angles. They can’t trust you to cope with the change in positions.

7) Being The One-Man Squad Type: Collaboration thrives. It goes a long way in speaking for you. Lacking collaborative skills is a candidate killer. Companies need team players. You would mostly be given team tasks and if you’re not a good team player, you wouldn’t cope well. You must know how to be a follower, before seeing yourself as a leader. Leadership skills cannot be noticed when you’re alone, with your task. It can and will only be noticed when you’re working with your colleagues as a team.

Make this promotion work for you. Make your efforts Count by making sure to take note of these few mistakes and keep them out of your purchase for a promotion.

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