Whether you’ve been with your company for a long time already or you’re new, you are permitted to ask for or even expect a promotion. As long as you’re doing the right things. The law of attraction is said to be very useful in this aspect. As a lot of people will think this law to be for other things, including money, it is as well very much needed in this aspect of seeking for a promotion. When the time for a promotion comes, you can sure use this law of attraction to attract a promotion for yourself. The law of attraction goes very well in line with the power of manifestation. It is usually said that what comes to us from the outside, typically depends on our inside. We get what we give. Manifestation is a conception where we draw power from . It grants us the control of our future instead of just jotting down what will happen or not. That would come up to be as fate or even chance. The law of attraction is attached to manifestation. It totally gives affirmation.

Now let us go ahead to find out how we can look really attract this promotion;

1)Make Your Boss’s Work Easier: One of the best ways, if not the best ways of making your boss’s work easier, less etc. This is actually making his or her work obsolete. Obsolete in this aspect doesn’t really mean putting him or her out of work. Making your boss’s job obsolete is simply making him or her to trust your work. Putting this to play, he or she would have a better room for attending to other bigger issues on ground. Critical work reflects up the chain, hence, it gets you noticed.

2)Be Goal Oriented: If you’re new to the job, as well as the company, before reporting for active duty, make sure to get a room for yourself to set and communicate your career goals. Meet with your boss as well, to arrange, set and discuss your career goals. Even for your position. Be free to talk about where you see yourself in a particular time you’ve set already. Bosses like to encounter such with their employees. He or she would surely be ready and even glad to render which ever help they can. Rendering help originally involves creating the necessary opportunities and avenues for you to execute your plans. This brings room for great growth, even in professional skills. Bosses always expect their employees to come up to them with their thoughts, to discuss and even execute. If you can set goals for yourself, you can also set goals for the company at large. Your efforts are always noticed.

3)Collaboration: A whole lot of employers prefer “we” than “I”. Companies  are most times run by a board- ideas from different people. Team play plays a very essential role here. Always be a good term player. A good employee willingly offers his or her efforts even before being asked. Good employees volunteers their efforts, for more tasks, takes more responsibilities as well, but not for the reward. Companies need really good team players who are dedicated to foster the greater good of the team, which definitely benefits the company at large. This simple way ultimately sets such employee aside, and even above their colleagues, hence it’s surely mentions them first when promotion comes.

4)Stand Out: Standing out involves a few but really important things. In a company, there’s this one person who can only deal with the technical issues, who can only handle a complicated customer or client, who is more influential in marketing a product. Just something   that will make you be sorted for. Something your colleagues can testify to. Something even your customers or clients will sort you for. Having a good impact on your coworkers and  your colleagues speaks really  loud and clear. Make yourself indispensable. A really good way of being indispensable in your team, is being the go-to person. Make yourself irreplaceable.

5)Hunger For Leadership Roles: Promotions really doesn’t come around if there are no traces of leadership skills. If you have and display leadership skills, such as Trustworthiness, confidence, dedication and even passion, they are essential and presents you ripe and worthy for promotion. Contrary to these above mentioned skills, promotion will be far from you. A good leader doesn’t gossip, come to work, appointment and even meetings late. A good leader doesn’t engage in office politics. Becoming a good leader begins from acting like one. Leaders are meant to be role models for their Junior colleagues. Companies need who they can trust enough to  hold a management promotion, so don’t be afraid to take charge.

Getting a promotion isn’t really an easy thing to come by, it really isn’t an easy task. A lot of things are to be put in place, from time, dedication, commitment, learning and even love for yourself and even the company.Navigate  through these few mentioned steps to successfully manage your career path and most importantly, get promoted.

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