Congratulations on landing a job offer. Finally, the whole interview preparation, the interview, and the whole wait with nervousness after the interview, the job offer is finally here. The next thing on the list would be talking about your salary. Negotiating your salary is something any other person with a new job would put into consideration. Negotiating a better salary is something to place focus on, and is as much important to approach the issue objectively. It’s not a thing of surprise that a lot of people aren’t comfortable enough asking for, or even talking about more money, once they’re offered a job. It is researched that the percentage rate of people that actually discuss their salary, is higher than those that don’t at all. This is mainly caused by fear. Knowing your worth, either on education, professional skill, etc actually yields to the confidence and boldness of bringing up the discussion with your recruiter. Companies usually encounter high competition rate with other companies or even establishments, seeking for same candidates. Professionals in demand, high demand, usually have the guts to still command competitive wages.
Salary negotiations are discussions, involving you and your recruiter, to help you secure the salary of your choice . It doesn’t matter if you’re a new employee, or even a long time employee.
In this article, whether you’re a male or a female in your first, or even sixth job, you will learn how to negotiate your salary, and how to go about it.



1)Know Your Worth: If you will get paid what you deserve, it is highly important to know the present rate for your position in your specialized area. Having a highly demanded skill and a worthy resume, will put you in charge of the negotiation. Contrary to to knowing your worth, you could be leaving money on the table, and would certainly put your recruiter in charge of the negotiation.

2)Familiarize With Industry Salary Trends: It is very important to have a really good idea of the current compensation chart in your field. Information, in this case, is your greatest ally to foster your victory in a salary negotiation. It is sometimes said to have your own figure, before going for the negotiation.

3)Discuss with Your Recruiter: Another way of conducting a research for the knowledge of your worth, and what you should be paid, is having a time with your recruiter. Recruiters surely know what people with your skills are worth. It is of your advantage. It is quite important as well, to know the position’s responsibilities and pay. Even if you don’t get a specific price, knowing the range is good enough. That’s why you will have to negotiate.

4)Be Selfless: Some recruiters don’t like to negotiate as well. In the same vain, some employees tend to accept and take the very first figure presented  to them. Sometimes, try to relate the negotiation with that of the recruiter. Try to think about it from your opponent’s side. Doing this, you are more likely to pin point a better deal that will benefit the both of you.

5)Your Figure, First: Like we said earlier, having  a good  idea on what you’re worth, and as well having your figure in mind, before going for the negotiation. Is a good factor. The first set figure that is mentioned, or put in the table, determines the direction of the negotiation. If it’s high, good for you. But if it’s low, you might end up leaving with a lower final deal. Always be first to mention your figure.

After going through this article, you wouldn’t only know how to negotiate, but as well the basics of a salary negotiation.

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