You’ve been waiting for this special moment since your application was submitted. Minutes turned into hours, hours into days, days into a week, two weeks or even three weeks. And finally, your job interview invitation is here. You’ve studied every job interview questions you could lay your hands on. You’ve dug in the company forwards and backwards, anxiously waiting for this moment, for what even felt like years. And now, it’s practically here. On the D-Day, maybe it’s a few hours, or even minutes away, but regardless, you want to get yourself out of your fully established nervous state back into a cool and collected more just before it happens. It is totally natural to feel nervous before an interview. A lot of job interview candidates feel like their nerves interfere with their ability to present to the interviewer what they are precisely like to work with, on a day to day basis. Most times, initiating a change of mindset about what a job interview is supposed to be, can of course be of help. You always have the mindset of going into a law court to be judged, instead of being based on the reality of the job interview. Nervousness, prior to a job interview, is mostly caused by the fact that there’s so much at stake.

Well, good thing you’re reading this article, because we have searched and put together some things that can be done to calm those “interview nerves” within a very short period of time.

1)Take A Walk: It is always medically advised that fresh air is friendly to us. People who take regular strolling to receive fresh air as a culture, can testify to this. Take yourself for a little stroll around the environment, breathe in fresh air, and breathe it out as well again. If you’re feeling ambitious, try to take a sprint to release all the healthy endorphins. Five minutes, to clear your head, before the interview proper.

2)Reduce Talking Speed: Nerves actually tend to speed us up. So while you’re waiting for the interview to maybe show up or even settle down, take a really slow and balanced breathe, through your nose, then breathe it out through your nose again. Repeat this action for about three times. Doing this little but significant drill, your heart rate would have lowered, hence, when you speak, it will be slow, balanced and comfortable.

3)Stand, Don’t Sit: You would normally be taken into a boardroom to wait for the interviewer or the interview board to show up, as the case may be. A chair is often offered to you, don’t take it. You wouldn’t want their first impression of you to be struggling to get up from a chair, in honor of their presence. So stay and wait standing. You would look more confident.

4)Think Positively: Prior to the job interview, like we earlier mentioned, most candidates get into the interview room with the mindset of going into a law court to be judged, instead  of the reality. See yourself doing a great job, even if the interview hasn’t officially commenced. If you notice your hands to be shaky, fold  and place them in your lap. You’re being there for a reason, you were seen worthy of the interview by someone who came into with your resume. Have it in your mind, that you’re the best fit for the job.

5)Think Friend,Not Foe: Your interviewer is a friend, at least not confirmed yet. But thinking of them as an enemy, is going to drag your good senses behind. Study what you can about your interviewer and reproduce them into a normal human, just as you are , rather than being as hostility.

6)Focus On Your Strengths: Place huge focus on what you want to pass about yourself, instead of having and dwelling on a doubt I what the interviewer is thinking about you. Anxiety has a way of making the best of us like unqualified candidates. You can’t be on stage and also be in the audience at the same time. Do your job, the interviewer will do his or hers.

7)Be Yourself: Be yourself, normalize. Feel relaxed and confident on the thought of already being on the shortlist. Try to use words you usually use. Don’t stress or even dwell on the fact that you’re already being stressed. We all feel nervous to a certain degree, you just want to bring down your anxiety before it brings you down first. Remember to slow down and listen. Having done that, you’ll come across as relaxed and confident. Be yourself.

We hope you take these few simple steps and put them into play. Support us by telling us what you noticed, that we didn’t add in this article. In the comment section.

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