You have landed a job interview. Congratulations!. At this point, you would sure be nervous about what you would face, questions you would encounter, and typically, how to answer them. One of the most important parts of preparing for your interview, is being ready to attend effectively to the questions that  interviewers typically ask. Interviewers are different, so as their questions would surely vary. Nevertheless, these questions are easy questions, so you are expected to approach them fluently, without any hesitations. Due to adequate preparation, on the idea of what to expect during the interview, and as well, having a better sense of what to focus on, your responses would be more concrete.

Knowing that you prepared well, would sure boost your confidence. It will totally help you feel more at ease. It’s in your best interest to know, that this is more of demonstrating that you’e the best fit for this job, Experience Han providing the right answers.

TIP: There would be no need for you to memorize your answers, but, you should place more focus on what you’re going to say, in order to keep you at ease.


Ponder on these common interview question, how to approach them and prepare your own answers.

1) Tell Me About Yourself: In every job interview, there’s every 95% or more, chance of this particular question coming first. When you’re asked to talk about yourself, you’re most times expected to talk as a professional. Not all interviewers would  want to he are your personal information, ie your family background, hobbies, your likes and dislikes, etc. If you need to, just a little information  would do. The interviewer has surely seen your resume already, so you are expected to give a very brief description of yourself, ie what isn’t stated in your resume. To tackle this question, you’re better off narrating how you’d be the better fit for the position you applied for.

2) Why Should We Employ You?: When this question comes, the most important thing to have in mind is, interviewers want you to tell him or her why you think you’re the best option for this job. They as well want to make sure you are well aware of what they are looking for in a job candidate.The ability and capacity  to handle to duties of the job, when employed, would be watched out for too. The main vision of the interview, is to test if you would really be the choice for the job, and even the company at large. In this case, you’re to sell yourself to the interview, and totally convince him or her, that you’re the best candidate for this position.
To answer this question, you’re to explain how your personality makes you to ideal candidate.

3) Why Do You Want This Job?: In the case of this particular question, companies want to employ people who are really passionate about the job. So having a great answer, pertaining to your passion for the job, should be put in consideration. This question is  often asked, as a means of determining whether or not you researched the company. The interviewer listens for an answer that points out you’ve thought about it as well, and not just about sending your application because there’s a vacancy for the position. Try as much as you can to go deeper. Don’t just talk about how and why the company would be good enough for you to work for, express the position being the perfect match for what you hope to accomplish, both for long and short terms.

4) Why Do You Want To Work Here?: This is an important part. This would totally indicate your interest in the employer, the job, and even the company at large. Interviewers want know and believe you can fit in at the company at large. This doesn’t just explains how you would be the best candidate for the job, but totally describes also how you would cope well with the cultures of the company. You need to understand perfectly why other employees enjoy working there.

5) What Are Your Strengths?: We all have strengths concerning a particular thing, or things. We most times use our strengths to win. This question brings the avenue to talk about something that makes you great, as well, the choice for this role. when approaching questions, quality, instead of just quantity, is to be considered. Relevant qualities that specify to this position and explains them, with examples. When mentioning your strengths to the the interviewer, you could as well be in charge of selling yourself, even without sounding egotistical. Talk about strengths that would set you apart from other candidates. Bring into play, your communication skills.

6) What Would You Say Are Your Weaknesses?: This is known to be a tricky question; therefore, a lot of candidates would say something in reference to that. When talking about weaknesses, make sure to talk about things that you’re putting efforts to curb. Something you admit to the fact that it’s your weaknesses. When you give a real answer, you’d be seen as genuine.

7) Do You Have Any Questions?: Your answer to this question should always be “yes”. Interviewers always want you to ask questions. They expect you to want to know, in details, about the role you’re being interviewed for, and even the company at large. Asking questions presents you to be professional and interested in the job, and not just coming to for the interview because you were invited for it. Asking oriented questions, doesn’t only differentiates you from other candidates, but as well tells the interview how great of an employee you would be.

Your goal in this interview is to stand out completely, convincing the interviewer enough and proving that you’re the better and even beat option for the position.

Dwell on these methods, and construct  your own answers to these questions. If there’s part we missed, or you would love us to add, please indicate in the comment section

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