“Tell Me About Yourself” (The Right Way To Approach This Question)

In almost every first meeting with someone, the sentence “tell me about yourself” is expected. You would feel very comfortable to express yourself and tell almost every part of your life. It is of a more different and even more official case in the context of job interviews. This actually is a straightforward and direct request in a job interview. However, it can as well be complex to handle, as there are a lot of right ways to approach this question. Many job seekers usually don’t take this question seriously, they tend to view it  as a means of easing them up of anxiety and nervousness. But they are expected to consider their response carefully, as this question is more than a throwaway opener for most interviewers.
When this question comes, candidates are very much expected to offer details about their goals and priorities, which grants the interviewer a better sense of who each candidate really is.

     WHY DO INTERVIEWERS ASK “Tell Me About Yourself”?

“Tell me about yourself”, or questions in this category are most times expected at the beginning of the interview. It is most times used as a means to be lead the interviewer and the interviewee into the interview proper. The interviewer has surely seen your resume already, so he or she would be expecting a brief and summed up version of your background and skills, and grants them the insight into what experience and qualifications you think are most important to the position you’re applying for.
It serves as a great start, that can help inform the path of the interview. What you’re going to say helps them figure out the next question. This tends to aid an easy and flowing conversation. If answered well, the interviewer would begin to point out the major reasons you’re the best candidate for the job, in terms of hard and soft skills, and even experience.

HOW TO APPROACH “Tell Me About Yourself”

1) Pick The Right Starting Point: Here, start by rereading the job description. Focus on the required skills that you have, and point out recent stories or even past events that demonstrates them. Your goal here is to give a terse walkthrough of your career story that would expose relevant pieces of experience. In this case, you would sure want to begin with a point from the past(how you began working in this field and end up in this current situation ). So first, decide where you’ll begin the story.

2)Emphasize On Experience And Accomplishments: As you walk through your career story, make sure to emphasize on key accomplishments you’ve achieved, work you’ve done, skills you’ve acquired, and most importantly, career moves you’ve made. Mentioning a promotion or even awards(individually or collectively), is a great sign. It’s really worth mentioning.
Having a really good idea on how to present this part, is as important as presenting it. Instead of saying “I’ve always had this love for computers, and been really interested in them, say “ It’s always a thing of joy to me proving software solutions.

3)Keep Up Professionalism:When you’re told to tell about yourself in an interview, interviewers always want to hear you speak as a professional. The safest approach is to keep your answer work related. You’re best off keeping your answer professional. This too, isn’t the avenue to sharing personal details. It’s not about your family,hobbies,etc. Companies don’t seem to accommodate that, except you caught something during your research about the company, that permits you to. Mentioning your Dos and Don’ts, relating to the position you’re applying for, or even work related generally, would be accepted.

4)Show Passion:Keeping your answer professional, shouldn’t in anyway deprive you the opportunity of shedding light on why you’re being passionate about your job or even the company. If candidates feel comfortable telling their story from a passionate angle, it helps a lot in engaging the interviewer and as well sets the candidate apart. It isn’t really necessary at all times to go into huge detail though, but if standing out from the pool of applicants is your aim here, then you’re permitted to infuse some passion. It is noted when a person seems to be committed and even connected to their goal. Try to state something that you love, that attracted you to apply for the job, in the company.
These approaches would guide you to a successful answer to tell me about yourself”.

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