5 Follow up Tips After An Interview.

“Follow up” in a layman’s understanding, is simply gathering further information  or to review, as Well as  to evaluate  an already occurred event. Follow up means to check back.     When your interview is over, you are permitted to breathe a sigh of relief. The important and as well challenging part is over. All you have to do now is relax and wait for their response, right?. Well, you’d be totally wrong to believe that, because while you think the hardest part is over, there’s still work to be done, to make sure you still stay top of the list. Following up shouldn’t really start immediately after the interview. At least, two to three days after. You were sure not the only candidate interviewed. Definitely, it would take time for the company to round up with the interviewing the crowd of candidates.
A warning first though; make sure to email a thank you note to the interviewer.
These simple 5 follow up tips would guide the process;

1) Ask For Feedback(During The Interview): As we discussed in our previous article, asking for feedback sure tells your interviewer that you’re really interested in getting the job and even eager to hear their decision. This, in this case let’s you know exactly how it’s appreciating and when to follow up. If you were given a specific time for reaching out to candidates, after the interview, and it’s already past that time, it’s completely the right time to get in touch and remind them of the timetable you were given. Just a quick note on this would do the job.

2)A Thank You Note:With the idea of when to commence your follow up process, this is the first and foremost thing to do. A day, at least, after your interview, is good enough to relay your first note. Send a quick, brief and enticing email, thanking the interviewer, or even the hiring manager for their time .
The thank you note isn’t an avenue to  contribute more content to your interview.

3)Ready Your References:If you missed to do this, you have the chance to do it now. Prepare a list of your references with their contact information. Begin arranging your reference properly and carefully, when appropriate, in preparation for a reference call. This would enable them know the areas you would prefer them to cover.

4)Give A Gentle Push:Going every minute, to hours, without hearing from your employer, would surely seem like eternity, when waiting to get the result of your interview. You should at the same time, have in mind that the act of following up is a fragile balance. Persistency is good. But you wouldn’t want to begin annoying them as well. We recommend you send out word again, after at least three days, from when they said they would contact you.

5)Be Patient:Patience is said to be a virtue. It can honestly really be hard to be patient, and even keep motivation levels high. Especially when things seem to take longer than expected.  It is very normal to be itching all up to begin this dream job of yours, or to even know your fate of the interview. But you have to understand that it is a process. Companies would like to decide on a specific time to review all resumes and even the performances of the interviewed candidates, before they would begin to reach out for job offers to the candidates.

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