5 Mistakes To Avoid In A Job Interview

As a person who has really been in a job search for a while would agree,getting an invitation for a job interview isn’t something that usually comes in handy. Being among the very few potential candidates, other than being part of the usually huge crowd of applicants, is a fact that should be should be put in consideration. As a candidate, getting your preferred job, the income you love and being able to provide the lifestyle that you want to live, should be your priority. In addition, you would also want to be an expert in your chosen field of work. Sadly, a lot of job candidates tend to blow their interview chances , thereby throwing all that time and effort invested.
During the interview, having a good idea of what to abstain from, is a very important factor. Reading this article, there are chances that you have had several interviews ,where you must have failed due to acts that you put up , that didn’t even occur to you ,were wrong acts .
You wouldn’t want to get your next interview on the wrong part, so here are some key facts you would want to note.

Avoid These Mistakes;
1) Appearing Uninterested: This is a common mistake most candidates make . Not having a good physical appearance, facial expression, charisma, among others, are good signs that you have little or no interest in the interview or even the job.
These, don’t really give the interviewer a good impression about you. Always try to be in a good mood, as this would promote other factors.

2)Being Nervous: This is the most common mistake. We all do feel nervous about almost everything, so this is well understood . But is solely against interview rules.  Being nervous in this case, is usually due to the feeling that you are less qualified than the other candidates , in terms of intellect,  experience, etc. This can and will be overcome if you work on your confidence and self presentation.

3) Posing UnProfessionalism: Unprofessionalism in this sense, entails a lot. From not dressing appropriately, to not showing or extending simple courtesy, respect,etc. Having  gaps in your sentences, is one of the common  unprofessional mistakes.
Making inappropriate jokes is another bad habit.
Efforts to move away from the aforementioned mistakes would fix you up .

4) Inadequate Or No Research: As we earlier mentioned, being invited for the interview, gives you one step closer to getting the job. Not conducting a research on the company or organization gives you very little or no idea about the company. It is a wrong idea. Making out  a few hours , to conduct a little research, to know the basics about the company, is something to note.
This  wouldn’t just be of use to you ,in terms of information, but would increase your confidence in self presentation.

5) Being Unprepared: Being unprepared, isn’t just a wrong thing for job interviews, it as well applies to some parts our lives. If you aren’t prepared enough to prove your competence, the right experience, as well as the capacity to meet the needs of the company, then, the interview would seem a bit difficult or worse, really difficult.
To beat this easy one, endeavor to be prepared at all time, to show good example. It will surely set you aside other candidates, on the positive side.

We hope this article contributes to your quest in finding simple interview mistakes to avoid and how to avoid them. If you noticed something we missed, please proceed to state it in the comment section.

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