Avoid These 10 First Impression Wreck Before Your Interviewer

In our everyday lives, there are acts and behaviors we put up, that look or seem  really normal to us, but don’t seem same way to people. First impression matters a lot when it comes to meeting people for the first time . Those acts or behaviors we put up, contributes solely to how people would categorize or even view us to be.
Therefore, negative or wrong acts wrecks first impressions.

Research has proven that first impression occurs within the first minimal seconds of coming in contact with a person. In a job interview, the interviewer may decide to pick a worthy candidate in just a minute. Keeping away from or avoiding some common mistakes could place you at a higher chance of getting selected or picked. These 10 Common mistakes would certainly wreck a first impression at a job interview;

1) Being Late: Appearing late to meet ups with people you have an informal relationship with, would certainly be taken lightly. Of course, you both would fashionably joke about it. It is of a different situation and scenery when having a meeting with someone of a formal relationship, especially in terms of a job interview. This would surely radiate a negative light on you. It typically means unprofessionalism and unreliability. It also portrays you to be someone that doesn’t regard people enough to worthen their time.
Always practice the act of leaving your house earlier, so as to escape running into the interview venue.

2) Not Smiling: Smiling is an important factor, has a health benefit as well.  Smiling triggers a lot of things with positive effects. Smiling sends an encrypted message of approachability and acceptance.  Smiling at a job interview shows  interest in the interview, as well as the job. It would definitely place the interviewer in a position of engaging in a conversation with you.

3) Poor Dress Composition:  Dressing well to an interview gives the interviewer the first impression of you presenting yourself in a professional manner. This proves your worth. It presents basic suitability, as well as boosts your self confidence. Appearing with just putting anything on, indicates that you’re being below standards. This is unprofessionalism.
Try as much as you can to be cautious of your choice of dressing, looking sharp and polished.

4) An Infirm Handshake: An infirm handshake can’t be more important to with an incoming job interview. This is a real destroyer when it comes to first impression. Giving a weak handshake presents you to be less confident, shy, disturbed or worse , uninterested.
Show confidence and trust worthiness with a firm handshake.

5) Chewing Gum: This should never even be thought  of when it comes to job interviews. Even during an informal meeting, this act very annoying, as it is a good source of distraction. Chewing gums doesn’t make you look mature and composed, not in any way . It presents you to be unsophisticated and undisciplined. In a positive view of using guns to calm your nerves, set a timer for chewing, before the interview, as to remind you to get rid of it.
Instead of having a stick of flavored gum, have a mint.

6) Avoiding Eye Contact: Research has as well proven that people who maintain eye contact while speaking and also listening , are most times, seems as more confident and intelligent. In the other hand, people who avoid eye contacts are viewed as less confident, or worse, less sincere.
Interviewers or employers want people they can trust. Avoiding eye contact doesn’t prove trust. Don’t be afraid to look in the eye of your interviewer from time to time. This is way preferable to looking around.

7) Making Distracting Sounds: This is a common mistake that you do, most times, that you even fail to notice. It may be a part of you to Tap your feet, crack your knuckles or even tap your fingers on a surface. Well, this is a job interview, it is a wrong act.  It serves as a form of distraction, not only to you, but also to the interviewer and any other person present there.

8) Constantly Checking Your Wristwatch: Doing this, while being engaged in an interview with the interviewer, shows you are less interested. Maybe because you have somewhere else to be ,or something else to get engaged in ,at a particular time. This would reduce your chances of getting selected ,as it would pose you negatively.

9. Inquiring About Leisure: When you have been selected for the job, that is, getting the job even after the interview, you would surely get the chance to ask about leisure.
Instead of asking for free time, tell the interviewer how hard you would contribute to the the progress of the company.

10. Giving Undetailed Answers: Always try as hard as possible to to elaborate on cautious details when providing answers to questions.
Especially questions to get facts about you.

I hope this article was helpful. If there is any point you we missed, please leave it in the comment section. And also, if you there is any other Job Title, you would love us to write on, please indicate in the comment section.

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